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Please check this link for more details on the new Caplay platform:
09-09-2011, 04:11 AM
Caplay Strikes With Official Launch of New Platform
As our constant efforts to bring special gaming experience to our players, Caplay now announces the the official launch of new platform for our players.

With launch of this new platform, Caplay gives our players brand new user interface and some new platform features.
New Platform Features include:
1. Better platform User Interface
2. Faster access to the platform
3. Easier Billing Process
4. Recharge records for your to check your billing
5. Compatible with other platforms (currently with Facebook; Google, Twitter, and Yahoo will be compatible soon)

Caplay New Platform Bug Report Activity

In the mean time, with the official launch of Caplay new platform, we are now having this bug reporting activity for our Lords! Reply and report bugs concerning the new platform in this thread: http://forum.caplay.com/showthread.php?p=47433#post47433, contributor will win rewards:

1. Players who reported Account login error, Recharge error, and Game playing error of the new platform will win 100 Gold in Athuria.
2. Players who reported other common bugs aside from the above three types of bugs will win 20 Gold in Athuria.
1. Please make sure the bug or error you reported is an actual one.
2. Caplay reserves the right to mend this activity rules.

09-07-2011, 05:18 AM
Login Toulouse, Get Amazing Daily Rewards
Event Sites: Toulouse (merged S1)

Time Frame: Sept 7th 00 am to Sept 12th 00 am server time

Login game rewards again are coming for Toulouse players!

From Sept 7th 00 am to Sept 12th 00 am , players who log in game each day (24 Hours), will be rewarded with Pirate Jewelry Boxes, vouchers, and some other mysterious items. What more stunning is that: by successfully getting the "Daily Login Rewards" for consecutive 5 days, you will win a level 90 Mount from another branch task, it would boost up your officer with 60+ speed.

Login Task(Log in game each day) Rewards
Daily Login Rewards (Day 1) Horn *5
Pirate Jewelry Box *1
Voucher *5
Emergency Recruitment Notice *1
Daily Login Rewards (Day 2) Horn *5
Pirate Jewelry Box *1
Voucher *5
Armaments Manual *9
Daily Login Rewards (Day 3) Horn *5
Pirate Jewelry Box *1
Voucher *5
Order of Commendation *1
Daily Login Rewards (Day 4) Horn *5
Pirate Jewelry Box *1
Voucher *5
White Equipment Box *1
Daily Login Rewards (Day 5) Horn *5
Pirate Jewelry Box *1
Voucher *5
Green Equipment Box *1
Successfully win "Daily Login Rewards" for 5 consecutive days Voucher -10, Persian *1(Level90,Speed+60)

Isn’t that attractive and simple? Remember: You got 6 days to snap all these fantastic but free rewards. Log in game daily at appointed time, and click "Get Reward", then all will be yours.

The Caplay Team
09-06-2011, 09:59 PM
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